Gamer Love

Gamer Love by Melissa Lopez

Publisher: Loose Id
Release Date: October 2008
ISBN: 9781596327948

After months of roleplay gaming online, Lindsey's finally meeting her cyber playmate and veteran gamer, Sandulf, in the flesh in Las Vegas. And what gorgeous flesh he is. He's everything the shy librarian dreamed of and more.

Abram has never met anyone like Lindsey. Her sweetness dulls aches he never knew he had, and her body fires his every desire. He longs to come to her as Abram, not Sandulf. Soon, they're having more than cyber sex, they're exploring their every fantasy and then some. In real life. And both of them discover they'd rather have a real relationship than cyber-love.

When tattooing makes the fantasy real, Lindsey begins to have second thoughts about their quick relationship, magnified by the prejudices of her family and friends. Bowing to her desires, Abram disappears from her life. And so does Sandulf. She finds herself missing them both. But it's Abram and the real closeness they shared that she longs for most of all. How can she show the gamer she wants to give him real love?

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Abram tossed back the tequila. Savored the liquor burning down his throat. Setting the glass down, he eyeballed Lindsey once more. What a great way to end one shitty ass week on the Border Patrol. It had taken them an hour to get out of the party. The bar they sat in wasn't much quieter. But he'd gotten his libido under some control as they'd moved from one crowd to another.

Jesus, he'd wanted to take her straight up to his room to consummate this crazy relationship they'd been having.

Four months of handjobs put him long overdue for some real action. It still intrigued the fuck out of him that he hadn't been able to bring himself to go out into the real world and get laid since they'd started fooling around online.

Intrigued the holy fuck out of him.

He hadn't been able to take his eyes off her. Lindsey was smoking hot, with a curvy, soft body. And a mass of rioting blonde curls he wanted to bury his hands in, get wrapped up in.

Pale green eyes watered after she took a healthy swallow. "That was so... awful."

"Easy." He rubbed her back, his thumb strummed along as he caressed her with his hand.

"I'd better not try and keep up." She smiled.

"No. I don't want you drunk." No. He wanted her sober. "Or we might wind up in one of those famous Vegas chapels." He blinked down at his empty glass.

Where the fuck had that come from?

"Right, you and me in a wedding chapel." She didn't meet his gaze. She laughed, leaning into him. "I think it's you who'd better not get drunk."

"Not happening." He drank often enough that he could hold his liquor and knew his limit. "But, I'm curious why you don't want me drunk."

"Well, I might get to know the real you." She shrugged a shoulder. "The man behind Sandulf."

"Mujer hermosa, I'm more than willing to let you know me." With his dick heavy in his pants, he tossed a twenty on the bar. "But, you need to think it over real good. There'll be no more role-playing." No, he'd not be able to go back to the online characters they'd portrayed, if she wanted real-world moments. It'd be damn hard after this meeting, but he'd sworn to himself he'd stay in the role of Sandulf if that's what she wanted. It'd be her choice.

Sweet Jesus, make her want me.

That's why he'd come to Vegas. Not for the Keys to Myths mini-con. Not to meet the other role-players. He'd needed to meet her. Touch her.

As crazy as it sounded, he came for a shot at Lindsey.

The real deal.


"Come up to my room." He leaned down and nuzzled her throat, enjoying the shiver that went through her at the feel of his teeth on her tender skin. "I want to fuck you as Sandulf."

Lindsey gulped a breath and turned toward him. Their lips lingered within an inch of one another's.

"In the morning, you decide if you want to get to know the man behind my gamer persona." He allowed his lips to brush hers. "What do you say?"