Dark Chance

Dark Chance by Melissa Lopez

Netherworld, Book 2

Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: June 2008
ISBN: 9781599986036

Do you believe in chance?

Olivia Sutcliff is a lost soul who has endured the tortures of Netherworld for more than a hundred years, but now she's given one chance to get out—on a task set by the Dark Prince himself. She must use her sexual wiles to help damn an innocent man, and failure means a fate worse than hell.

FBI special agent Malin Cross has devoted every waking moment to catching the killer who haunts his nightmares. Until he meets the woman of his dreams. She's a perfect submissive, one who anticipates his every fantasy. But she also asks too many questions, leaving Malin to wonder if she's as innocent as she seems…or if she's bait to lure him into the killer's web.

As Olivia entices Malin deeper into a world that wants him destroyed, her second thoughts grow into a desire to save him from making a damning mistake.

But as the forces of light and dark collide, their lives—and their souls—hang on the one sacrifice that could destroy them both.

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"Hey." Malin wrapped a strong arm around her. "You all right?" He urged her to exit. "Elevators get to a lot of people."

She rubbed her middle, sure her reaction had more to do with the endless hunger than anything else.

Side by side they walked down a short hallway until he halted their progress. He opened the door, waving her on through. "This one is yours."

In wonder, she made her way around the room. She'd never been in something so fine. Well, besides the Dark Price's palace, But she was meant to stay here. At least overnight. Just how long would she be given to sway him to the dark side? A week appealed to her, a month would be better. "It's lovely, Master." Gently, she ran her fingertips over the wooden table. Not a single nick or wood knot in sight.

Under his scrutiny so long, she proceeded to the window. She'd noticed that same look at the hospital as well as when he'd harnessed her into the carriage. What did his expression mean? She'd never seen anyone bear it before. Most in Netherworld never met her eyes long enough for her to see anything on their faces. Maybe to him the room was ugly. She'd need to be very careful of what she said.

At first glance at the city, she gasped. Excitedly, she pulled the window covering to the side. "How can we be so high?"

"We're not so high." His rough voice drew closer. "I never stay in a room an escape ladder can't reach."

She turned, only to catch her breath. He now stood right in front of her. "It looks very high to me." Buildings like this didn't exist in Netherworld. Though she'd been forced many times to climb the steepest of mountainsides dragging dead weight. She shuddered. She hated falling to her death. She hated how it always felt like the reaper reached out to steal her with a scythe before she hit the ground.

A measure of comfort calmed her at being able to be reached by an escape ladder. How amazing such things existed for escape. No one escaped in or from Netherworld.

Malin cleared his throat. He studied her with his hands in his pockets. "Look, I'll be right next door." Slowly, he drifted to another door. "I've got us adjoining rooms. I have insomnia. You need anything, just let me know."

"What is insomnia, Master?"

"I rarely sleep."

"How horrible. Sleep is my only pleasure." Sleep was the only silence Netherworld had to offer the lost souls. Only sleep offered any measure of peace.

"You hungry?" His lashes lowered half mast. "I could order you a dinner tray and have it brought up."

Olivia's stomach rumbled loudly. "Oh, Master." Mouth watering, she took a step toward him. "I am starving." At her blunder, she looked down at his feet. She wanted to bite her tongue but the admission was too late. In Netherworld you showed no weaknesses. They'd only be used against you.

Instead of laughter or taunting her, he stepped away. "All right, then I'll order us something."

Intrigued she watched his departing back. Malin was being kind to her. Kindness was something she'd not experienced since her mum.


Oh mum, what am I going to do? How can I be cruel to him when he's been nothing but gracious?