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Here you'll find information on Melissa's backlist, including Thorns, an Australian set contemporary romance series about the Thorn brothers, and Netherworld, a dark paranormal romance series.

Melissa currently writes as Melissa Combs, so for for latest releases and news, please visit MelissaCombs.com.

The Thorns

Visit The Thorns for more information on the series.

Boomerang Love by Melissa Lopez
Boomerang Love

The Thorns 1

Riptide Love by Melissa Lopez
Riptide Love

The Thorns 2

True Blue Love by Melissa Lopez
True Blue Love

The Thorns 3

Love Down Under by Melissa Lopez
Love Down Under

The Thorns 1-2


Visit Netherworld for more information on the series.

Dark Sentinel by Melissa Lopez
Dark Sentinel

Netherworld 1

Dark Chance by Melissa Lopez
Dark Chance

Netherworld 2

Single Titles